You can try other means such as morse code or a message in a bottle to get in touch with the Freeze Flow team however, there is an element of luck involved in those methods, why not try these instead:

Twitter: @freezeflowmedia


Tel: +971526352635



The Freeze Flow team centres around the world of photography, video and music.

Freeze Flow is a creative project for people who are in search of the good life and we aim to bring you our take on this by exploring and providing snippets of art, culture, fashion, travel and music through photography and video.

We like offbeat, manic and marvelous mixes of culture and life.  

What you find on this site is a broad spectrum of all the above showcasing our most recent commissions, special projects and vision. We want to get involved in more of the same and add the Freeze Flow touch to your event or concept.

Thanks and hopefully see you soon.