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Imagination - Night Dubbing II

By the 1980s, Imagination a British dance group were famous all over the world, having released a series of Gold & Platinum albums, embarking on a series of sell-out tours & they were now permanent fixtures on mainstream TV. It was during those early years they created their ground breaking & proto-house album ‘Night Dubbing’ and they are now considered extremely influential and important in the evolution of dance music.

They have now reworked these great 80s tunes and making them modern dance floor fillers, the album Night Dubbing II is a trip down a summery lane.  Beats are full, the bass is deep and synths suck you in.  One of our favourite tracks from this solid album

An essential album to blow those dance cobwebs away.

One of our favourite tracks from this solid album below:

Article Date: 24 November 2014

Photograph from Google Images