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Shady Shadow Show

Podcast - 20 October 2016 - Dubai

In its latest carnation the Shady Shadow Show, Episode 18, brings a Sesame Street vibe with top selectors Bert & Ernie (aka Brett Solomon and Shadi 'the host' Megallaa) getting all cosy behind the decks. We even heard Hamdan Al-Abri singing in the shower.

Hosted in Shadi's joint, each episode sees a guest DJ bring his own feeling to the show, as Hassan a previous guest says, "it's about being able to play music that we all love but can't hear in a club."

We spent the night and found out that it's much more than that, it's about friends, it's about the living in the moment, it's about an appreciation of soul, funk, afrobeat, dub and a collection of all other types of jams.

Look out for more in the future, however, enjoy the fun below by tuning into the Mixcloud stream and checking out what we captured behind the sounds.