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New Music:  19 January 2017

Weekly roundup of some of the stickiest, mailable, frosty and brittle new music around.

Run The Jewels: Thursday In The Danger Room (feat. Kamasi Washington)
Thick and deep like a decadent Devon custard.  This track is nostalgic yet energizing and features the superbness that is Kasimi Washington.  
Lydia Ainsworth: The Road
Driving down a lonely road there's open spaces, thunder and lighting. Within this brooding melancholic experimental pop track blooms brightness and hope.


Fuga Ronto: L'uomo Invisibile

Fuga Ronto's debut reminds us that it is actually still is sunny and warm in Dubai. The soothing Balearic vibes dusted with 80s Euro synth-pop blow any feeling of post festive blues away.