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Deira Fish Market

Serving the Emirate of Dubai since 1988, Deira Fish Market, is located near Port Rashid, just off Al Khaleej Road close to the Shindagha Tunnel. 

A hive of activity buzzes with chaotic order by 5am each morning, so be there early to get the best on offer.

The fish market continues Dubai’s close relationship with the sea that provided a key source of wealth from the early nineteenth century mainly stemming from the pearl industries which the Emiratis prided themselves as the region’s kings of pearl diving. 

Expect to find local clams, hammour, crabs, shrimps and parrot fish which festoon the teaming stalls.

Fish is landed by both sea and air meaning the choice is not limited to local produce and ensures a dazzling array of colourful lobster, shiny blue tuna, deep fleshy salmon and controversially shark.  No matter where they come from the fish are fresh with signs of life abundantly apparent.

Most of the fishmongers live in the close by residencies of Deira and chill out there between shifts.  Service is taken seriously here, the friendly fishmongers will descale, gut and filet to your requirement and if you have an enormous appetite you can take the assistance of a helper with wheelbarrow in tow.

Prices are cheap and of course this would not be the Middle East without a bit of bartering and once you’re happy you can take your catch to the conveniently located restaurant who are more than happy to cook up a treat for you.

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