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Analog Room - Return of the Oooh, Oooh!

Tucked away in the basement of the Holiday Inn, Barsha, Dubai, Analog Room has been bubbling away for the past few years.  The guys down there have a set up similar to the famous Boiler Room parties which lends itself to the relaxed and informal atmosphere and frames it firmly in juxtaposition with the  majority of the nightlife in Dubai.

We were checking out the season opening, 7 August 2014, and the music was consistent, minimal and techy with bursts of house to liven things up.  

Although the popularity of the night may paradoxically prove to be its undoing as some of the crowd commenced a 90s "oooh!, oooh!" chant, which is more aligned to the champagne clubs, such as Movida, where we also attended the same night, whilst the Movida crowd were being encouraged by the DJ to bring this throwback shout back into full swing, in Analog Room it quickly sizzled out and normal hipster-esque service commenced.

Analog Room, plays seriously good music, although it felt like there was a lot of dudes there but to be fair that happens in most clubs that shun lollipop house.  The kind of people that go here are liberal, friendly and appreciate quality music.

Our advice if you're going to this weekly party get down early as the club was at capacity by around midnight.

See our video on getting there and feeling the beats:


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Article Date [14 August 2014]