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Circ Le Soir - The Warwick Davies Complex 

They say timing is everything and so fresh from watching a brief Vice documentary on the Kingdom of Little People it was time to put on those dancing shoes and head into the nexus of Belvedere Bling, Circ Le Soir for the night Freaks and Beats.

A night of euphoric house, champagne quaffing and hanging with an avaricious aspirational crowd may not be everyone's cup of tea, however, and undoubtedly the main event of this club is its performers. The special guest for the night was actually refused entry into Dubai for security reasons and is probably now back in Germany, avoiding all things magnetic.

Nevertheless, the club's performers on the night were an extremely talented troupe who appear to be drawn from all over the world for their fire eating, dancing and beautiful otherworldly-ness that dazzles you with darkness.  Yet there is a strange oddity, a slight discomfort, stemming primarily from one of the dwarfs who was performing in a Kiss style outfit who either didn't seem enitrely comfortable or had limited dancing skills, it was hard to tell.  

In the documentary on little people, apparently Warwick Davies, of Willow fame, did not approve of this magical kingdom of performers, however the place actually seemed to be more of a sanctuary for people afflicted by prejudice directed at dwarfs.  Would Mr. Davies approve of Circ Le Soir? Not sure, although he was probably wrong about the Kingdom of Little People.

Some of the performers on the night appear in our video below so you can decide for yourself:


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Article Date [17 August 2014]

Main picture taken from Circ Le Soir's Facebook page