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What if your life is played out of sequence?


After a night out with friends, Beth, the main character is walking home on her usual route, yet something doesn't feel right, Beth is not sure what it is... Fatally Beth is mugged and murdered, but is this end or just the beginning as she wakes up in what seems to Beth as the next day, however, it is actually the morning of her death. Time ripples are effecting Beth's personal timeline meaning that one day or moment does not follow the next, this confuses and bewilders Beth, as she realizes she may have been killed and that time may be the one thing she might not have control over.  Will the next ripple end in darkness and nothing, will she change her fate, or will life keep circling and spinning out of control... 

Most scenes are based on Greek and Shakespearean concepts of time, that is to say it is cyclical and destroys all in its path, from buildings, precious stones to love. As the story unfolds Beth comes to realization to what is happening, but can she do anything against the inevitability of time?